Tripod Beta Practitioner Training 2016

TripodIncident investigation & analysis course

4 days – Amsterdam – € 2380,- (excl VAT)

You are a Safety professional and keen on learning more from incidents? Take this opportunity to add this Accredited Tripod course to your resumé.

Scientific research at Leiden (NL) and Manchester (UK) Universities form the backbone of the Tripod Theory. Many years of applied research and extensive practical use have made the matured Tripod theory the best solution for both proactive and reactive risk management.

(Awarded by Hobéon SKO for 4 SKO credits)


Our Tripod Beta Practitioner Training teaches participants the Tripod theory, how to investigate and analyse operational disturbances. (Theory based on the v.5.01 – 2015 Tripod User Guide)

In addition, the supporting software facilitates the analysis of and reporting on operational disturbances by the investigation team. It helps to explicitly identify underlying causes and take corrective action, improving process and safety performance.i3

Check out the schedule for Dutch or English course dates.

“Het bewustzijn van je eigen bijdrage aan veiligheid is vooral een kwestie van cultuur, gedrag en houding. Het unieke van de veiligheidsladder is dat deze zich richt op het samen verbeteren van de veiligheidscultuur, zowel binnen de organisatie alsook in de gehele keten.”

Piet-Hein Daverveldt, Algemeen Directeur NEN